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Unique, Handmade 
Barrettes and Scarf Clips 
...they really hold...guaranteed!
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Large Sterling Silver  (*4")

As someone who is passionate about form and functionality, these gorgeous barrettes do not disappoint!  I bought one for my mother in sterling silver and loved it so much, I kept it and bought her another one.  The barrettes are beautiful and finely crafted.  However, the cleverly designed stick that becomes a clasp with a twist is what makes these pieces truly unique and amazing.  And it really does hold a ponytail! 

Stamford, CT

I received the barrette yesterday. It's exquisite! It looks like 18K gold and feels very light in my hair and holds it perfectly! Many times, when I order something without seeing it first, it doesn't live up to my expectations, but this barrette is even more beautiful than I imagined! I'm so pleased with it. Thank you.
Gina L, NM


Large Bronze  (*4")

Small Sterling Silver (*3.5")  


 Small Bronze  (*3.5") 

Very Small Sterling Silver (*3")

Very Small Bronze  (*3") 

* Measurements are the distance between the holes that the sticks go through. This is the space for the hair.

The photos above are of barrettes we have in stock. Please let us know the metal, size, and number (if applicable) of the barrette(s) you are interested in. We do our best to keep this page updated as to availability, but you may want to give us your top three choices. We will add photos of new barrettes as I make  them.

These are one-of-a-kind, handmade barrettes. Made of solid sterling silver or bronze, the unique patterned design incorporates a twist locking pin to hold like no other barrette you've ever used. They hold equally well with thick or thin hair because of this twist locking feature. 

The large barrettes, can be used with the hair up in a French twist or hanging down straight. As a bonus, they can also be used as a shawl or scarf clip. 

The small barrettes are used for sectioning and holding a portion of your hair back. They can be used in the back or on the side. This size is also ideal for use as a scarf clip, a belt tie closure, or as a pin on a bulky knit sweater.

These barrettes really are beautiful. The photos don't do them justice. All designs are one-of-a-kind and timeless art pieces that will appreciate in value. 

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! I've been making this design for over 30 years. My barrettes last a lifetime and with an occasional polishing and reasonable care will continue to shine like new as long as you own it. I use no coating or plating, only solid metal so there is nothing to wear out, chip or delaminate. 

If you are looking for a distinctive hair clip, which is beautiful, unique, versatile and extremely functional, this is the perfect item. You or your loved one will love this handmade barrette / clip. I guarantee it! 

Click here for information about the use and care of your barrettes.


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A miracle happened today.  Four years of desperate searching came to an abrupt end when I found your website.  And I wept.  Finally, I had found the "Michelangelo of Hair Barrettes" who sold me an artistic masterpiece 15 years ago at a Christmas craft fair in Fredericton, NB.  It was a large bronze Viking-looking barrette.  For years, I could do anything with my long thick hair.  I could do French Twists, convoluted buns, sweeping hair masterpieces......as long as I had that barrette.  My hair looked glorious.  People would stop me to ask me about the unusual and beautiful hair clip.  I was riding high.  Ponytails were a thing of the past.  Then tragedy struck four years ago:  I left my barrette at a hotel.  The desperate search for the barrette maestro began.  Over the past four years, I made dozens of phone calls to craft shows and spent hours on Google trying to find you.  No other barrettes on the market would hold my hair.  No other barrettes looked like a work of art.  Caving in, I decided to try a new barrette in order to put my hair in a bun for a night at the opera.  The barrette wasn't beautiful, but it was functional.  Or so I thought.  Half-way through the opera, the barrette exploded.  The person sitting behind me got hit in the chest, and my hair fell down around my shoulders.  The search for your barrettes intensified.  Today, I decided enough was enough.   This empty-handed goose hunt, this desperate barrette search, this Sicilian hair vendetta had to end.  Today, either I found the maker of those wonderful barrettes, or I was going to cut my hair.  "You look very determined," my husband said as I furiously pecked away at my computer keypad.  "I'm going to find those barrettes, " I told him.  And what do you think?  A triumph happened.  A victory.  A miracle.  By some quirk of fate, I typed  the right Google keywords and the magic kingdom opened.  Up on my computer screen were four glorious photos of the hair barrettes I was looking for.  And I wept.  My husband shook his head.  "They're only barrettes," he said.  "No," I told him.  "You're wrong.  They're not just barrettes, they're my life."  How glorious it is to find you again and actually get to speak to you.  I look forward to receiving your glorious masterpieces in the mail.  "Beauty can save the world," my grandmother used to say.  And I'm beginning to think she was right. 

Carole Paquin

I'm well beyond happy with the beauty of each of my barrettes. The pictures truly do not do them justice. It's just something you understand when you're holding them in your hand. One can see that they are hand made but it is still hard to believe. They are extremely well made and are much more special than anything that I've ever given to anyone. I've actually become more anxious to give them to my love, she'll definitely like them. This is something I know she'll treasure. Thank you so much for making this a special anniversary.   

T. R., FL

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